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Prefabricated house ek 033

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Prefabricated house ek 033

Total area
Prefabricated house – single family
Building area


Prefabricated house ek 033 or as we like to call it “Mole” house. We are the first in Europe to offer you a special home made entirely by the principles of a prefabricated ekokoncept home. Using simple, well-aproved building techniques and natural resources, we were the first to design a prefabricated partly dug-in house. Using the constant temperature of the ground and a simple physical process we made a very energy efficient and architecturally interesting house. We believe that, in the abundance of various new materials and technologies, we do not rely enough on our immediate environment. At ekokoncept we are pleased to present you with this new exciting house ek 033.

Additional details

  • layout: 167,92 m²
  • building area: 116,72 m²
  • nett volume: 391,55 m³
  • gross volume: 560,80 m³
Aditional costsPhase and building description
+ elements transportbuilding phase (PDF)
+ crane on sitebuilding description (PDF)
+ staff transport‘turn key’ - executed by local
+ staff manipulationrepresentative or contractor

Please contact our sales dept or representative for final clearance:


+ 386 31 809 298

Price from (VAT excluded)


Floor Plans

Ground floor

100,80 m²

Room nameArea


1. hallway + staircase14,15 m²
2. storage / boiler room6,25 m²
3. room 018,90 m²
4. living room31,00 m²
5. kitchen5,00 m²
6. bathroom4,70 m²
7. bedroom 0112,35 m²
8. bedroom 0212,35 m²
9. toilette1,60 m²
10. terrace14,60 m²

Upper floor

67,20 m²

Room nameArea


1. staircase + hallway12,65 m²
2. bathroom3,50 m²
3. home cinema + balcony26,20 m²
4. bedroom17,90 m²