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Prefabricated house ek 027

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Prefabricated house ek 027

Total area
Family prefabricated house
Building area


An atrium ek 027 prefabricated house is a timeless classic with a thoughtful and functional design. With some finer touches, we tried to bring this essentially simple house to our more aesthetically demanding customers. Most of the outside façade area is closed, but the house fully opens in to the atrium, making ek 027 a pleasant living space connected to the secluded garden.

Additional details

  • layout: 96,25 m²
  • building area: 116,25 m²
  • nett volume: 240,62 m³
  • gross volume: 455,48 m³
Aditional costsPhase and building description
+ elements transportbuilding phase (PDF)
+ crane on sitebuilding description (PDF)
+ staff transport‘turn key’ - executed by local
+ staff manipulationrepresentative or contractor

Please contact our sales dept or representative for final clearance:


+ 386 31 809 298

Price from (VAT excluded)


Floor Plans

Ground floor

96,25 m²

Room nameArea


1. hall + closet9,60 m²
2. boiler room3,50 m²
3. utility5,25 m²
4. room 0113,00 m²
5. room 0213,00 m²
6. bathroom4,50 m²
7. bedroom12,70 m²
8. living room, kitchen34,70 m²