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Prefabricated house ek 043

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Prefabricated house ek 043

Total area
Prefabricated house – single family
Building area


Prefabricated house ek 043 provides maximum connection to the garden and at the same time privacy of a comfortable home. To be northern or eastern façade is almost completely closed, while the house compeletlly opens on other three sides. The living area and the guest room are, through glass surfaces, fully connected to the garden and the surroundings. In addition to the open floor plan, the house also boasts large and comfortable bedrooms and spacious bathrooms. This house is suitable for residents who know exactly how much comfort a well-designed home can bring them!

Additional details

  • tloris skupaj: 192,60 m²
  • zazidalna površina: 112,50 m²
  • neto volumen: 446,90 m³
  • bruto volumen: 702,00 m³
Aditional costsPhase and building description
+ elements transportbuilding phase (PDF)
+ crane on sitebuilding description (PDF)
+ staff transport‘turn key’ - executed by local
+ staff manipulationrepresentative or contractor

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Price from (VAT excluded)


Floor Plans

Ground floor

92,00 m²

Room nameArea


1. entrance / hallway12,30 m²
2. bathroom5,60 m²
3. bedroom16,80 m²
4. boiler room4,50 m²
5. kitchen6,40 m²
6. living room44,40 m²
7. entrance terrace6,10 m²

Upper floor

100,60 m²

Room nameArea


1. common space24,60 m²
2. bedroom with bath23,40 m²
3. room21,10 m²
4. bathroom8,20 m²
5. bedroom17,40 m²