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Our mission is to produce top designed, user-and environment-friendly wooden prefabricated houses. Products and information we offer in the field of low-energy wooden construction, have been subjected to thorough review and compliance with the current standards.

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    Prefabricated house ekokoncept

    At ekokoncept we believe in environment-friendly and energy-efficient building materials and in the utilization of renewable energy sources. As a result of our long experience in mounting ecological houses and buildings, we offer a sustainable and economical housing construction, while helping to reduce air pollution and global warming. We distinguish ourselves by effective approach to designing, developing and building beautiful, functional, comfortable and above all unique prefabricated houses.

    We are here to stay!

    We have been designing and building family houses since 1998. We are proud our accomplishments; our trustful relationships that we have established with our clients and our ever evolving accomplishments in energy efficient construction. We are proud to be a family business.

    We make personalized houses

    The price range of ekokoncept houses is wide. As devoted professionals, our architects and engineers work hard and fully commit to each and every project that is presented to them. Our clients have high expectations and we would not want it any other way.

    Made in Slovenia

    Prefabricated houses ekokoncept are made in Slovenia. In production modern cutting-edge technology is used to make, prepare and construct all the elements necessary for an accurate and fast assembly on site.

  • Projects

    At ekokoncept we have been educated in Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavian countries to acquire the appropriate knowledge needed to execute even the most demanding projects of wooden low-energy construction. Regardless of the project you trust us with; you can expect our full commitment, high level of professionalism and punctuality. All listed ekokoncept houes are prefabricated and ready to be assembled on your plot. In case you have any special requirements we will be happy to advise you and personalize your house!



    – project adjustments and documentation
    – surveying services
    – earth and masonry work before construction
    – water and rainwater installations, treatment plants, water repository …
    – built, roofing, façade
    – final finishing (flooring, walls treatment, heating / cooling / ventilation …)
    – landscaping

    In case we do not have a local representative in your country, we can assemble the house up to phase one and provide you with all the support necessary to complete the house with your local architect and constructor.

    ekokoncept houses have a 30 YEAR GUARANTY on the wooden construction.

    ekokoncept home owners are happy home owners!

  • Mind pattern


    It is quite difficult to fully picture the house we want and need. This is why we offer our clients a number of pre-made house design solutions.
    At ekokoncept we combined functionality and aesthetics into the package of modern prefabricated houses while trying to cover a wider range of preferences in lifestyle. Given the current response to our offer, we attracted the interest of a large number of customers at home and abroad. Our houses are the result of careful planning on the basis of information obtained from direct contact with actual and potential clients, given today’s pace of life.
    ekokoncept stands for quality, individuality and innovation. Our commitment to high standards of quality is a continuous effort to achieve them. We pursue new technologies in various fields such as production planning, manufacturing, transportation, installation, etc…
    We are inspired by the future. Our passion for improvement and satisfaction in working with our customers, are the motivational factors that constantly push us forward.
    “Living pleasure” is not only our slogan but also our philosophy!

  • Why?


    Why wood? Wood is an environmentally friendly solution for building houses, while living in prefabricated wooden house is comfortable and healthy.
    Trees consume carbon dioxide for their growth and produce oxygen, so it is only logical that residing in a wooden house is good for health. Wood is characterized by low thermal conductivity and excellent insulating properties, resulting in reduced energy consumption. Wood requires less manufacturing process than other building materials. Timber is considered “greener” than other conventional building materials and because of its properties very “people-friendly”. Wooden residence offers many advantages to be exploited!

    Are wooden buildings durable?

    Wood as a building material is very durable. As an example of its fantastic characteristics we have wooden buildings all over the world, set in different climates, for example a1,000 year old church in Norway, more than 1,500 years old temple complex in Japan, and objects from Egyptian tombs, dating back more than 3,500 years, still in supreme condition. If the wood is properly treated and preserved it has close to unlimited lifespan.

    Does wood require a lot of maintenance?

    Vapour diffusion has an especially important role in the maintenance of wood. Facades made following proper treatment criteria prevent the ingress of moisture into the structure of the building, allowing adequate drainage of surface water and, thanks to good air circulation, providing rapid drying of wood components. The colour of wood varies from brown, silver-gray to dark brown in colour, depending on altitude, climate and location. These colour variations are just fine surface layers, protecting completely healthy wood below.

    Wood is flammable – or a wooden houses a fire hazard?

    Wood burns slowly and evenly. The burning rate can be accurately determined; therefore wood can easily meet the fire resisting standards. Wood has a long maintained capacity at high temperatures, while other construction materials at same high temperatures completely lose their properties, for example steel. The fact is that the risk of fire in wooden buildings is not greater than in differently constructed buildings, especially since the greatest risk of causing combustion represent carpets, curtains, …

    Are wooden buildings poorly soundproofed?

    This bias in respect of sound insulation, it is completely false, if the construction of walls and ceilings is executed properly. The “Sandwich” construction, which is most commonly used for sound insulation, reaches values that are consistent with those of conventional buildings, or even beyond.

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