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ek box

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ek box

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Ek box is a completely independent, perfectly insulated, raised space for use in all seasons. You can use it for a small office, meditation room, sauna, children’s house or. get one or two beds for occasional visits. The building can be equipped with additional electrical wiring, active ventilation and any interior design. A sealed window and a front door with a cylinder lock make the house safe, even in remote locations.

Additional details

  • tloris skupaj: 5,55 m²
  • neto volumen: 12,50 m³
Aditional costsPhase and building description
+ elements transportbuilding phase (PDF)
+ crane on sitebuilding description (PDF)
+ staff transport‘turn key’ - executed by local
+ staff manipulationrepresentative or contractor

Please contact our sales dept or representative for final clearance:


+ 386 31 809 298

Price from (VAT excluded)


Floor Plans


5,55 m²

Room nameArea


1. zaprti prostor5,55 m²
2. mere300 / 240 / 285 m²