Prefabricated houses ekokoncept: Technology

At ekokoncept we design and manufacture houses for future generations. Our diffused-open outside wall system does not contain any PVC foil or Styrofoam, both largely used in construction today. This means that the walls regulate humidity, which does not get caught in the construction system and therefore can not cause any damage to it. Also, the carefully determined layers within the walls are detached from the base plate, allowing the air (as well as humidity) to circle and dry the house. Everything else is up to the weather and seasons.

  • External wall X-opti

    Thickness Description U factor Rw Download PDF
    (3,0) 7,0 plaster 0,14 39 PDF
    160,0 insulation board
    100,0 cross laminated timber
    160,0 glass wool
    12,5 gypsum board
    12,5 gypsum board*
    * option: gypsum plasterboard with improved properties at high temperatures


  • externall wall X+

    Thickness Description U factor Rw Download PDF
    (3,0) 7,0 plaster 0,17 47 PDF
    160,0 mineral wool insulation board
    100,0 cross laminated timber
    60,0 wooden solid dry underconstruction
    50,0 mineral wool
    12,5 gypsum board
    12,5 gypsum board*
    option: gypsum plasterboard with improved properties at high temperatures


  • external wall X-platinum

    Thickness Description U factor Rw Download PDF
    (3,0) 7,0 plaster 0,14 55 PDF
    30,0 > wood-fibre insulation board
    160,0 wooden solid dry construction
    160,0 mineral wool insulation board
    100,0 cross laminated timber
    60,0 wooden solid dry underconstruction
    50,0 mineral wool
    12,5 gypsum board
    12,5 gypsum board*
    option: gypsum plasterboard with improved properties at high temperatures


  • Components

    Our architects, designers, contractors and carpenters are available to you and will help you create the home of your dreams. Our houses are defined by following components and can be fully furnished in cooperation with our local partners;





    At ekokoncept we give these primary elements of construction our most attention and a lot of thought: airtightness, ventilation, vapor diffusitivity, thermal insulation; are the most important parameters for providing comfort and sustainability. We are proud of our innovative design, interesting shapes and eco-friendly materials, which make our houses energy efficient and frindly to the environment.

    load bearing wooden construction

    The basic structure of our buildings is made out of cross laminated wooden panels. The wood is treated so that the construction is ensured durability and optimum seismic and fire-resistant characteristics. All our wood is grown and processed, in accordance with the guidelines of sustainable development and environmental care. We pride ourselves with controlled and accurate production and manufacture.

    thermal insulation

    Glass- and mineral wool are among the most commonly used thermal insulating materials. Based on availability and wide range of use, good heat insulating and other mechanical and physical properties, they offer optimal balance between price and quality (included in our basic offer). On customers request we can also add warm wooden panels.

    OSB / LSB plate + AIRSTOP and inside coating – gypsum fiberboard

    Construction boards, produced locally, have excellent mechanical and other characteristics and they perform well even in humid circumstances. Gypsum fiberboard are made from recycled paper and plaster, durable and high quality, resistant against mechanical stress, provide pleasant climate conditions and are friendly to the environment. Upon request, we can also install panels with higher fire resistance.


    Internal walls meet the higher standards of pleasant dwelling. They are optimized for best performance and space effect, from 100 to 160mm wide, filled with a thick layer of insulation (mineral/glass wool) and closed with gypsum fibreboards from every side. For possible higher audio or bearing requirements, we suggest the upgraded option, 210 mm wide with 160 mm of insulation.



    Primary construction element between floors is a cross laminated massive board, available in different dimensions. It can be left exposed from both sides (smaller objects, pavilions) or layered with screed and floor pavements (top) and closed with gypsum boards (bottom-ceiling). A lot of our clients prefer the ceiling boards to be exposed as they provide a warmer, more natural feeling of the interior.



    The roof is one of the most important elements of the house. Whether it is sloped or flat, we carefully choose the design to match the climate and needs of our customers. If the roof is gabled or sloped, we pay attention to the orientation as it is very important to make proper preparations if solar panels are predicted. When deciding on a flat roof, we discuss the options of a green roof (great insulation) or just a roof terrace, if the client prefers extra space.

    ekokoncept gabled roof U=0,17/ ekokoncept flat roof, not to be used for terrace U=0,18/

    ekokoncept flat roof, to be used for terrace U=0,13



    unventilated facade

    The most conventional and frequently use facade is a vapour open, plaster facade, executed in preferred colour.

    ventilated facade

    Our most popular facade is a wooden larch facade, which among many other fine characteristics, also keeps the house cool in the summer. If it not processed with special coatings, larch wood gets an attractive silver-gray appearance over time. Our wooden facades are screwed on wooden beams which are mounted on an UV-, wind- and rain resistant diffusion-open foil.

    We also provide other ventilated options such as; stone, composite plates,…







    Doors and windows need to be carefully chosen not only to be functional and practical but also to give the house additional character. While choosing the size and type of elements we consider safety, function, excellent thermal characteristics and low maintenance.

    Our initial offer includes high quality PVC windows with triple glazing and wing-type opening system.

    window frames

    PVC window frames, (ekokoncept basic offer in colour white) are made out of recycled materials. They have a high-quality construction and good thermal and audio insulation. They are excelled by their audio and thermal insulation characteristics, exceptional stability and safety, which makes the more than appropriate for larger dimensions. Also they are easy to maintain.

    Aluminium window frames are easy to maintain and are highly resistant to external influences and mechanical damage. Among the wide range of colours available, you will most certainly find that meets your expectations.

    Wooden windows help create a more natural and cosier feeling. Windows help make a home. They induce the feeling of warmth and comfort. Combined with proper glazing, they represent an excellent audio and thermal insulator.

    To achieve maximum living comfort in ekoncept houses, we install windows with window frame thermal conductivity values of Uf=0,82 W/m2K. With glazing values of Ug=0,6 W/m2K, we can achieve UW˂0,75 W/m2K (passive house energy levels).


    For ekokoncept houses built in Slovenia we recommend triple glazing, in other countries this varies depending on different requirements and above all the climate. The main advantage of appropriate glazing is comfort; if walls, roof and floors are well insulated and you neglect the windows, cold spots and energy losses are created within the house. Glazing standards must meet other insulation standards applied on the house; this must be executed with consistence.

    window shelves

    For external finishing bellow the window we use modern aluminium window shelves. They are very resilient, long-lasting and easily maintained. You are able to choose from a large colour pallet; in ekokoncept initial offer available colours are white, brown and standard grey.

    Internal window shelves can be executed out of three different types of high-quality granite, which is also very resilient to scratches, stains and is easy to maintain (2-3 cm thick, classic straight-cut). We can also provide wooden shelves in various shades.

    shades (provided by local representatives)

    Windows facing south should provide plenty of sunlight in the winter and quite the opposite during the summer. It is a known fact that cooling of overexposed spaces requires much more energy than heating. This is why we recommend external shades which do not act as a passive heating body during warm periods. Overhangs and extended roofs, done correctly provide the most efficient shadow in the summer heat. A correctly placed overhang should provide enough shadow during warm months as well as enough sunlight during colder periods.

    At ekokoncept we design our houses so that overhangs are one of the key elements for energy efficiency and living pleasure. Additionally; external shades can reduce solar surpluses up to 65% if faced south and up to 77% if faced west. Because of its flexibility and energy efficiency this type of shading is highly recommended. Most often our clients decide on aluminum shades in a standard gray colour.

    entrance door

    In our initial offer we include excellent Pirnat aluminium doors (colour white, other colours also available upon request), with high-quality hinges, tri-point safety lock with hooks, 45 mm of insulation, triple sealing of frame and door, cylindrical input and an emergency safety function. Both rail and knob are made out of stainless steel.

    interior doors & knobs (provided by local representatives)

    Interior doors in our basic offer are quality made, durable and easy to maintain. They come in a timeless shade of white or various combinations of laminated (veneer look) finishing. Door handles are made out of stainless steel, 100% recyclable, resistant to corrosion, scratches and easy to maintain as well. It is possible to choose from many options of high quality door handles from Ital series by Van Leeuwen, Netherlands. Upon request, it is possible choose from other options as well.





    sanitary ware (provided by local representatives)

    As we do not leave anything to coincidence, we recommend sanitary ware by Catalano. They are globally known for their top design and first class materials, without any toxic or in any way harmful ingredients. Their products are finished with using nanotechnology, making them easy to maintain. We recommend the Polis line. Upon request, it is possible choose from other options as well.

    bathroom fixtures (provided by local representatives)

    At ekokoncept we recommend (included in our basic offer) products from Kludi, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom taps and finishing. Their products are made following modern design and innovative techniques. Their products are equipped with an ECO function, which enriches the water with more oxygen. In our basic offer it is possible to choose from the line Logo Neo. Upon request, it is also possible to choose from other options as well.

    inwall elements (provided by local representatives)

    Geberit inwall system for toilets and sinks, which is provided in our basic offer, is a high quality, reliable, globally used drywall system with a water saving option.




    electrical components (provided by local representatives)

    All ekokoncept prefabricated houses can be equipped with a system for home automation, which can be individualised. It uses wireless technology providing almost complete availability. It is easy to install, control and manage using a switch, remote control or a Smartphone is a practical solution for all domestic situations (regulation of lights, temperature, alarm, central lock, shades.

    switches, lights, outlets (provided by local representatives)

    Home automation system provides limitless possibilities for positioning the switches as they are simply applied on the surface (sticker). In our basic offer, we provide one switch and two outlets per room. Lights are wall mounted, 30 cm under the ceiling. Every house can be individualised according to the customer’s needs and requirements.



    wooden metal glass (provided by local representatives)

    The stairs in ekokoncept houses are made out of high quality durable massive beech wood. Railings can be made out of wood or stainless steel, according to customers preferences. Finishings and exposed surfaces are also to be determined in agreement with the customer.



    parquet floors (provided by local representatives)

    Choosing the perfect wood for our houses is our number one priority and floors are no exception. We provide you with a high quality double layered oak parquet floors suitable for under floor heating. Upon request, it is possible to choose from other options as well.

    tiles (provided by local representatives)

    Modern production techniques of this most popular bathroom finishing provide various options of color or shape.

    walls & colour (provided by local representatives)

    All interior walls are finished, grinded and painted with an eco-friendly interior paint.


    INTERIOR DESIGN AND CUSTOM MADE FURNITURE (provided by local representatives)

    We help you create your dream home; our interior designers can advise you about materials, colors, furniture and decor.

    We help bring your vision to life! ekokoncept, za popoln užitek v bivanju! ; )


  • Starting points

    NEG – low energy building

    With choosing the right materials, correct dimensions and high-quality windows, we can achieve low-energy standard whit minimal assets. Low energy buildings require lower temperatures for heating, which makes them perfect for using alternative energy sources also used for cooling the building during the summer. This is very important, because global warming and use of excessive glazing in architecture today cause higher energy demands in the summer. ekokoncept energy efficient buildings meet the current top European standards, also applying our own, innovative manufacturing technologies.



    A 3-liter low energy house must meet the following standards:
    – specific heat loss – 20 W/m²
    – energy used for heating
    – 20-30 kWh/m²a

    To achieve these standards it is necessary to meet the following Umax levels in the buildings shell elements;
    – outside walls and walls (ceiling) bordering a unheated attic ≤ 0,18 W/m²K
    – ceiling above the unheated basement ≤ 0,30 W/m²K
    – sloped roof above a heated attic 0,15-0,20 W/m²K
    – terrain floor with under floor heating ≤ 0,30 W/m²K
    – doors and windows (glass and frame) ≤ 1,5 W/m²K (double glazing)

    At ekokoncept we believe in environment-friendly and energy-efficient building materials and in the utilization of renewable energy sources. We are very aware of the importance of solar energy and the energy of the wind.
    The sun provides a significant share of energy necessary for heating, warm water and electricity at large. We distinguish between:
    – an active solar system (collectors/photovoltaic’s)
    – passive solar system (large glazed surfaces facing south)

  • Heating, cooling and ventilation

    A heat pump requires electricity to operate. It consumes about 3 to 5 times less electricity compared to the useful heat it produces. Compared to the cost of fuel oil heating, this type of heating is 2.5 to 4 times cheaper (depending on local prices). Heating pump, which produces heat from water or soil, usually functions independently, while the one that produces energy from external air can be combined with existing heating on fuel oil, gas or wood; in warmer days a heat pump is used in very cold days conventional heating or a combination of both is used to provide adequate heating. In the coastal region an air heating does not need to be combined, it works independently in milder climates. This kind of investment to the existing heating system should be repaid in approximately 4 to 7 – years; it depends largely on the amount of previously consumed energy.

    At ekokoncept we offer clients advice and, provided by our local partners, installation of heating pumps, in-floor and radiator heating and cooling systems for all our houses.

    It is important to feel comfortable, relaxed and focused in our living or working space. This, of course, depends on a lot of factors, such as temperature, amount of light, air flow, and noise etc., one of the most important ones being the quality of air. Air inside a room must contain adequate levels of oxygen, humidity; it has to be odorless and free of potentially harmful substances.

    We distinguish between natural, canal and controlled ventilation. At ekokoncept we are advocates for natural ventilation, or recuperation of air locally, limited per room. That is why we offer our clients an excellent local recuperate, individually installed and easily maintained.

    This wall mounted local recuperate is perfected for rooms with potential higher humidity levels or lower temperatures such as:
    – bedrooms
    – bathrooms
    – toilets
    – utilities, etc.


    It is easily mounted and connected to a pre-prepared ventilation outlet with a 100 mm diameter.