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Prefabricated house ek 041

Total area: 99,00 m2

Prefabricated house ek 041 is suitable for urban as well as rural areas. With the option of extensive green roof, this initially squared form, can transform into an organic shelter.House is designed with a living area in the core of the house, thus providing it with the optimal thermal efficiency. The overhangprevents direct sun exposure in the summer time, but allows the rays to heat the space in the winter, when the sun is low. The storage accessible from the outside has been proven practical for many memorable garden parties.

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Ground floor Prefabricated house ek 041

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Prefabricated house – single family
layout99,00 m2
building area126,50 m2
nett volume247,50 m3
gross volume404,80 m3


1. entrace hall 6,00 m2
2. room 01 9,80 m2
3. room 02 10,40 m2
4. bedroom 13,30 m2
5. bathroom + toilette 8,40 m2
6. kitchen + dining room 15,70 m2
7. living room 27,00 m2
8. storage 2,30 m2
9. covered terrace 15,00 m2
nett floor area 99,00 m2