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Prefabricated house ek 036

Total area: 127,40 m2

Prefabricated house ek 036 is one of innovative luxurious ground floor houses by ekokoncept.It provides a comfortable living space for a family of four, with the option of an extra bedroom. The shape of the roof provides for another optional space in the well-insulated attic.This gives the layout an additional 85,00m2 within the price. The house can be expandedby a garage or a foyer.

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Ground floor Prefabricated house ek 036

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Prefabricated house – single family
layout127,40 m2
building area141,20 m2
nett volume270,00 m3
gross volume695,80 m3


1. hallway / vestibule 17,90 m2
2. bedroom 12,00 m2
3. room 01 12,20 m2
4. room 02 12,20 m2
5. bathroom 6,20 m2
6. storage 9,60 m2
7. living room + kitchen 33,00 m2
8. covered terrace 16,90 m2
nett floor area 127,40 m2