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Prefabricated house ek 006

Total area: 57,20 m2

Prefabricated house ek 006 stays true to our signature open Scandinavian layout. Why not let the sun and picturesque views through large windows, even to the quietest corners of your lake-, forest-, sea house… ek 006 is a comfortable compact house that can be used for living or vacationing. With its overhung roof it offers a 360° view of the surroundings in all weather conditions.

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Ground floor Prefabricated house ek 006

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Prefabricated house - bungalow
layout57,20 m2
building area65,20 m2
nett volume139,45 m3
gross volume202,12 m3


1. corridor 4,80 m2
2. storage 4,70 m2
3. bedroom 13,40 m2
4. bathroom 4,90 m2
5. kitchen + dining room 11,20 m2
6. living room 18,00 m2
7. covered terrace 46,50 m2
nett floor area 57,20 + 46,50 m2 terrace