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Pavilion ek 017

Total area: 13,70 m2

Pavilion-like object ek 017 is a prefab house of the future. It is structurally prepared for a floor addition, green roof or just a simple rooftop terrace. The ek 017 can also be executed with a slanted or a gable roof. Due to its simple, modular concept it can also be build on a slope, with minimal ground work required. It is designed with an option of a modular expansion, when or if there is a need for extra room s or space in general. Like all of ekokoncept contemporary designed houses ek 017 is also an excellent example of how an elegant vacation house or a small home can be derived from our basic garden pavilion.

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Ground floor Pavilion ek 017

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layout13,70 m2
building area19,80 m2


1. closed space 13,70 m2
2. covered terrace 2,80 m2
footage 600 / 318 / 275
nett floor area 13,70 + 2,80 m2 terrace